The Merlin framework now has it's own web site click here to look at Merlin development

NoIdeer will now concentrate on support for desktop packages, web based packages and operating systems rather than just the Merlin package so the community subjects have been edited to reflect the changes. If you need support for the Merlin framework please follow the link above so please take some time to review the new community areas

NoIdeer now has some hosting options

Plan Disk Space Band Width Price
Bronze 500 MB 1GB £1.00 per Month
Silver 1GB 2GB £2.00 per Month
Gold 2GB 4GB £6.00 per Month
Platinum 5GB 8GB £10.00 per Month




Bronze includes

10 email addresses with 100mb per mail box
Web Mail interface
FTP access to you web space


Silver includes

Bronze +
Extra 10 email addresses each with 200mb per mail box
'Merlin' frame work with the default module installed. maintained & updated by us 
llmited support for the 'Merlin framework' ( 10 tickets per week)
PDF creation sevices
Olark IM

Gold includes

Silver +

Extra 10 email addresses each with 200mb per mail box
'Merlin' framework installed with 3 modules of your choice installed, maintained & updated by us with unlimited updates

Platinum Includes

Gold +

Shop module with paypal services 
Limited Shell Access to the Server

file users

Posted by The Boss  10-03-2016, 18:46

On 30-06-2015   Shaun Wrote :

Test on the dark theme

Posted by The Boss  08-03-2016, 00:46

On 30-06-2015   piss head Wrote :

broken heart sent from the tablet


and ?


Posted by The Boss  08-03-2016, 00:35

On 07-03-2016   Test Me Wrote :

not getting better


nor is our software angry


Posted by The Boss  07-03-2016, 21:14

not getting better

Posted by The Boss  21-09-2015, 00:15


#gcp# hello

hello all there

here we go .. again