Welcome to Noideer Software

Web Hosting

NoIdeer is about web site hosting, we can host either, host short or long term, there are options for email addresses only with your domain or using our domain ideal for spam trapping.

All domains come with a comprehensive control panel which will allow you to configure your website to your liking with ease.

For a full list of options for web hosting look here

Game Hosting

we can host certain steam game servers either short or long term. See our list of supported servers here

Games can be configured using the LGSM command utility as you have access to run shell scripts within your hosting, or you could try using our web based utility to control your games.

we have a few games here you can play here. Currently the game server controller is about ready, however please allow about 24 hours for your new server to become live.

If you have your own hosting you may be interested in using our software to control your games. Our software is based on the LGSM command line script for managing game servers, but due to incompatibilities between the command line script language & the web based script language certain portions of our software is written in house to replace LGSM functions.
Due to the incompatibilities between LGSM and our software the installation of our software is, currently, difficult however if you wish to use it we will install it for you and make sure the system is running to your satisfaction.
PHPgsm is an extension of MyBB forum software, however if you don't need the forum software this can be turned off. 


Interactive Console