Admin Control Panel

Admin CP Version 1.0.06 ~15-12-2015

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The Admin Control Panel allows you administer Merlin. If you are logged into a Merlin installation as an administrator a link to the control panel will appear on the top menu links, once accessed the control panel is split into sections, each section is detailed below

Area Manager

The Area tab of the ACP allows you to edit menu options within Merlin, when you edit an area the options available to you will vary dependant on what module the area belongs to here are some examples If the area belongs to the Framework group this will display as either a tab (if you have tabbed site enabled) or a group. All areas that are in the Framework group can not have sub areas, the area creator will warn you of this when you create a new in the framework group. If you have the Forum/Community module installed, the options to add the area as a sub area and it's parent work (note the current version of Merlin only allows sub groups nested to one level

User Manager

Here you can add, edit or delete users that are registered. Within the edit section you can not edit the user name, but you can edit the user nickname and reset the password

User Control Panel

The user control panel is split into tabbed options, plugins can expand the amount of options if the plugin author deems it valid to have a whole page worth of settings, however most plugins should just add their settings to the pre defined tabs

General Options

Forum Options

Posts Per Page

This Alters the defaul posts per page the default is 5, Users have the ability to over ride this from their User Control Panel



There is not much to say about the forum module as it is the default Merlin module and will be installed as default, however you can remove the forum module and you end up with an advanced version of the Web Site Builder product, as installing Merlin will add database support.



The Shop module integrates payments via Paypal as default this gives a seamless transaction using this system. The shop module module then sends the seller of the product (this could be a user rather than site admin) an email detailing the contents of the transaction, from this the seller can then supply the product to the seller. The Shop module also has a 'shopping cart' where multiple purchases can be stored and checked out with one click, currently this module does not support multiple supplier transactions per shopping Cart.