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Merlin Templates


Currently Merlin uses text files to store it's html information in a group of folders below the 'theme' folder in the following way


The device folder has 3 options

  1. Desktop1)
  2. Tablet
  3. Mobile

This allows Merlin to have totally different html & css per device, Merlin itself works out the client device and displays the correct markup for the page and simplifies very heavy media quires within your css each module has it's own template set

Example :- themes->theme_name->device->gallery

stores the unique html for the gallery, we now this is a complex approach but it does allow you to 'fine tune' every element of the site for all 3 device types that Merlin supports


As Merlin uses html files for it's templates you can use your favourite html editor to edit them 2) all default files are stored in the device folder, these files are global across the device folder and include the header footer & jscript include file. As the current file structure is complex we will detail most of the here but you may have go to the section on each module to find all templates used in a specific module. Merlin now has an html editor built in to edit the content section of each page but currently does not edit the fixed elements within a page (e.g Header & Footer) however there is some development which will allow this.

In Depth

Merlin supplies something in the format of <!–#content#–> into it's major templates from it's plugins & modules this will allow the major template to render, without error, a major template (E.G index). There is however a debug mode which if the <!–#content#–> is replaced with #content# within a template an error will show if the current module or plugin fails to parse the information it should. For more information please read the debug section and hash code section for possible causes.

Merlin also supports 'Smart TVs' but currently uses the desktop theme for this
there are plans to store these files in a database table